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Giglioli Fabrizio srl was born in Rovereto sulla Secchia in the north of Italy in the centre of the italian production of plastic devices for the medical and biomedical sectors, with the objective of providing high quality products.
Giglioli Fabrizio srl was born in 1989 inside the garage of his family house with a couple of small moulding  machines. Over the following years with the collaboration of a local company (Lameplast) an establishment of 300 m2 for the production, where the company moved, and a warehouse of 150 m2 beside it were purchased in 1993 and in 1994 was introduced a laboratory in 10 Battisti Street to add new machines.
During 1999 the company moved again for further expansion of its machines fleet and division of the departments “Assembly” and “Moulding” to 36 and 1/A Carducci Street.
Giglioli Fabrizio srl – lavorazioni materie plastiche (Giglioli Fabrizio Ltd – plastic materials processing) founded in 1989 and became Ltd in 2013 is a client-oriented company witch offers:
Production of moudled and pre-assembled components for medical and pharmaceutical devices, also on exclusive request of the customer.

In the bottle sector there are some opportunities of selecting raw material (PET PE PVC..) shapes and volumes (from 7 to 3000 ml). In the same time the company also produce caps / closure kit in order to provide a more complete service.

The articles with the greatest success are PET bottle thanks to the investiment made in advanced machine and new product specific for the market.

The production area of Giglioli Fabrizio are subdivided into 2 macro areas, 1 for ‘moulding’ of about 2100 m2 and 1 for ‘assembly’ of about 700 m2, both situated in Rovereto sulla Secchia, a few metres from each other.
All our productions are performed in clean rooms certified ISO 8 witch are designed and created with techniques able to satisfy the clients’ quality requests through the use of modern and advanced constructive techniques.
In the molding area there are n°12 moulding machines with a closing pressure of 40 to 200 tons. , 3 injection-blowing machines, 3 injection-stretch-blowing machines for PET and 3 extrusion-blowing machines.
In both departments the packaging of the product is done in a dedicated clean room in order to optimize the cleanliness and the quality of the work.
Inside the company there is an internal quality control that performs daily checks of all productions with advanced tools and qualified staff.

Some dates:
1989:    year of foundationand start of production
1993:    moved in a new building/factory and warehouse in 36 Battisti Street
1994:    installation to a laboratory
1999:    company moved to 1A and 36 Carducci Street and division in Assembly and Moulding depts.     for futher expansion
Jen 2012:  moved to a 19 Montale street in a building of over 4000 m2
2012:    Acquisition of Medcom srl
May 2012: earthquake witch smash new company location
July 2012:  return to the previous establishment in Carducci street with expansion of clean rooms
and with the addiction of another 500 m2 of warehouse

May 2013: CE certification for the production of our final products

Summer 2015: CE addictioning new products and ISO 13485 certification

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