The importance of having a clean room

First of all, what is a cleanroom?

A cleanroom is an atmosphere-controlled room (atmospherical pressure and particle polluton)

The cleanroom functioning system is based in concrete on a forced recirculation of super-filtered air principle in a sealed room.

This system is made by large fans operating at low-speed mode that flows laminar air in the room. The air has been previously filtered by powerful HEPA filters outside the room and then it is aspirated through grills on the floor.


Cleanroom classification is based on on the 0.5 μm microparticle count inside a determined volume of air (for the USA law it is a cubic foot, for the UNI it is one cubic meter). The manufacturer releases this classification or “certification”, once the cleanroom starts to operate, by a particle counter. The less particles are counted, the cleaner it is, and consequently, the lower is the class of reference (e.g: ISO 8, ISO 7…)


The use of a clean room provides the possibility to manufacture a product always cleaned and under control. Moreover, in order to guarantee the best quality, only qualified personnel is allowed inside it.

Areas of application

Most of the productions made in a cleanroom regard different product categories, on top we find pharmaceutical and medical sector even though lately food industry is taking in consideration this possibility.


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