Bioplastics: types and characteristics

Understanding what bioplastics are, knowing how to distinguish them from general plastic we are used to, it’s not an easy deal, so the Wageningen University & Research Institute carried out a study in order to clarify about this topic and realized its own report. One of the main reason of

MOCA: main characteristics

MOCA is a set of different elements, whose meaning is “ all the Materials and Objects that are destined to come into Contact with Aliments and water”. So, this MOCA group includes, and as such subject to the current legislation: dishes, glasses, cutlery, pots, bottles, wrapping paper, plastic film, plastic

PET, the polymer of bottles

PET: acronym of polyethylene terephthalate, is part of the family of polyesters, it is a thermoplastic resin suitable for food contact. SAFETY: the main condition for a resin to be allowed on the market for the production of food (packaging) is a total chemical inertia. The PET does not react

The importance of having a clean room

First of all, what is a cleanroom? A cleanroom is an atmosphere-controlled room (atmospherical pressure and particle polluton) The cleanroom functioning system is based in concrete on a forced recirculation of super-filtered air principle in a sealed room. This system is made by large fans operating at low-speed mode that

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