CM molding and blowing

Giglioli Fabrizio srl can caunt an experience in the molding of plastics for over 25 years, during which it contributed to the growth of the pharmaceutical, food and medical sectors.

The innovation and the constant search for improvement made so that today the company can provide service molding of thermoplastics, with several different technologies and tonnages.

There are in fact not only presses for injection molds, but also extrusion-blow molding and injection-stretch-blow molding. In this way it can offer customers a real complete range of services.

All the production are made inside the two ISO-8 clean rooms that they can guarantee quality and cleaning. To all this we were added the recent ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Presses of various tonnage by a T 5 up to 200 T, also with several intermediate solutions, suitable for every type of dimension mold, shot weight and thermoplastic material

Mono and multi-cavity blowing machinary completed in the creation of containers in LDPE HDPE and PVC.

Injection stretch blow molding machines specialized in molding PET bottles.

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